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                             Scammers, Scammers, Scammers!!

Don't you just hate them?? Or... are you one of them? Well we have a list of scammers, so beware Habbo people!! This list is real and is reported from real Habbo's, updated every week.

*Note, if you are in the scammers list and think that you didn't do this please send me an email immediately explaining why you aren't, and if you have any proof, send it here.

Leegamer. [ Scammer ] = Sends Console Messages saying " if you give me your password for AU Habbo Hotel, i will give you credits and furni in your account." A Victim* got scammed and now has no furniture...

Chiefjoshua [ Scammer ] = Victim* gave two pieces of furni, and scammer said he would send two prezzies in return, in the end he didn't, and the Victim* was left empty-handed.

Checkout [ Scammer ] = Scammer said that he would give credits to whoever gave him their password. Victim* gave the password, and he stole furniture, and the not to mention that the Victim* had heaps.

Fir3 [ Scammer ] = Victim* betted a love sofa, Victim* won, scammer didn't give him the prize, and instead Scammer kicked Victim* out.

hottie808 [ Scammer ] = Beware Everyone!! Hottie808 asks people to help Scammer* scam people. Victim* got asked and said " NO! " Do the right thing Habbo People...

surferdude [ Scammer ] = Victim* gave 4 HC Sofas for Scammers Imperial Linking Teleporters. Scammers said that they link. However when Victim* got Imperial Teleporters Back, They Did Not Link.

hotroxychick [ Scammer ] = Victim* gave pile of stuff for Scammers password. Password didn't work. NOTE: Victim* has some fault too... think about this... Why Would You Want Her Password?

dcheong [ Scammer ] = Victim* gave HC Sofa for Codes/ Vouchers and in return Scammer never gave the codes.

Victim* = Usernames have been to changed to protect and unidentify the people who have been scammed.



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And Write Down Who Scammed You And How They Scammed You. A Full Detailed Information Is Necessary. These Will Be Published And Your Name Will Be Victim.