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Weekly Newsie
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Newsletter 25-06-2005

Grandopening Of Newsie Weekly!                                                    Lil-Tashy, Founder/Owner Of Habbo Hotel Weekly.

Ahoy Habbo lovers out there, or just a random person who just got this site from a random search engine. Well back to Habbo! As you know, cats are out!! They are so cute, but they can be annoying!! Like my pet, "Clueless" likes to block the doorway, when a new visitor enters my room! But they can be totally adorable at the same time! I got so excited when my pet listened to MY instructions, or when my pet sat on my HC Sofa....!! I also got a new pet today! Her name is "Tashie" thats my nickname at school! Well I hope you enjoy this weeks newsie. This newsie will be out every Friday. Hope you enjoy this week's issue... filled with articles and such...                                                                               Till next week,                             


Pets, Here we come!

Pets are here, and boy are we excited! They can do many extraordinary things, like sit on a chair, block doorways, or sit out in the doorway. Has your pet done something like that? Tell us here! Now, cats can ber very naughty... yet they can be very nice! Don't forget to buy food and water for your pet! Those are the main things you must buy for your pet. You don't want your pet to starve or become thirsty because then... it gets all moody and always wants to sleep! But if you have a few extra credits to spare, then buy a ball for your pet to play!

                                                            - Lil-Tashy

       Winter Fever!

Winter is here,

And in comes the cold,

The days seem to get weary and very old,

When I get home, habbo’s always a treat,

Wen I log in there, theres always a new friend 2 meet.

                                                       - Lagg

Abbreviations :)

BRB- Be Right Back                                                                                   F/R- Friend Request                                                                                 LOL- Laughing Out Loud                                                                        P2S- Pay 2 Stay                                                                                       REV- Revenge                                                                                           P2P- Pay 2 Play                                                                                         DW- Don't Worry                                                                                      NVM- Never Mind                                                                                      G2G- Got 2 Go

                                                                      - .Tubes.

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