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                                        [ - Rare Values - ]

1 Hc Sofa = 50 Credits
Hc Plasto Set = 0.3 Hc Sofa
Mocha = 0.5 Hc Sofa
Dice Master = 2 Hc Sofas
Tubmaster = 1.5 Hc Sofas
Imperial Teleporters = 3 Hc Sofas
One Imperial Teleporter = 1.5 Hc Sofa
Throne Sofa= 7 Hc Sofas
Typo = 22 Hc Sofas
Holiday Romance = 0.5 Hc Sofa
Nelly = 0.5 Hc Sofa
ALoe Vera = 2 Hc Sofas
Turnables = Unidentified.
Aloe Vera = 1.6 Hc Sofa


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