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                               Here Are Some Tips For Trading...


1) Do Not Trade Your PINK Plasto Chair For A Brown One, Or 3 Credit Worth For Their Brown Plasto Chair. Why, you ask? As Some Of You Know, You Can Get Them In Packets, [ 6 For 5 Credits ] So In Trade Rooms, Brown Plasto Chair Is Only Worth 1 Credit, Or Worse, It Ain't Accepted.
2) Know That If You Do Buy Deals And Trade The " Pods , Plasto ... e.t.c " You Will Get A Lower Value, Then What It Is On The Catalogue. So Be careful When Trading *Keep Your  Eyes Peeled!!] *
3) Hc Sofas Are Worth A Lot!! Don't Think That Just Because You're Getting 2 Minibars And 2 Ice Sofas That It Is An EXCELLENT Deal, Trust Me, It Isn't. You Can Get Way MORE ! You Could Get 16 Ice Sofas, Remember, Hc Sofa's Are Worth 52

                                     Tips For Playing Games...


1) Becareful Of Scammers, Everyone Hates Them, If The Prize Is A Hc Sofa, And You Must Compete In.. Let's Say.. Falling Furni, You MIGHT Not Win This Hc Sofa.. Don't Just Think You're Friend Won't Scam, Or You Trust The Person. Just Remember, You Can't Trust Exactly " Everyone " Or Who They Say They Are.
2) You Can Never Trust A Casino, Sometimes, When You give them the furni, and you win, they will just kick you out and leave you empty-handed.


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