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                                         Habbo Hotel Weekly™
Welcome To Habbo Hotel Weekly. This fansite is about Habbo Hotel, incase you don't know what it is, it is a game involving chatting, playing games and much much more. Want to check it out? Click here. This is the site for you, if you are a MAJOR fan of Habbo Hotel, or you just want to check it out. Or maybe you just came to this site by a search engine, whatever you did, hope you have fun... This site is dedicated to Habbo Hotel...



Grand opening of "Habbo Hotel Weekly™" Thankyou for visiting and hope you have fun! Well today at 8:35pm there will be a giveaway held by me. So be there, the giveaway is there for the opening of this new site :) Don't forget to vote for us to be the official!! Click Here. Well as you probably know already, cats and dogs are out! We love the dogs and we love the cats!!  Also, Oil Lamp is coming out for Habbo Club if you are in the 8th month! Well hope you enjoy this special site... Also don't for get to F/R me on Lil-Tashy !! Daily updates for this site,

                                                         Till tomorrow,             Lil-Tashy


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