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                                        .: The Hall Of Fame :.

.:The Hall Of Fame:. is a place where Habbo people are recognised for their oustanding work, or behaviour, or how they have helped people. Here are some people who are in .:The Hall Of Fame :.

Swiftsteve= ::Pagan:: tells... " He gave me a HC sofa, tubmaster and lot's of Norms. He is also such a great DJ in Habbo fansites. And on top of all of that... He is a really great friend.                                                           Darkdevil= Darkdevil created a hospital, to take care of sick patients, or help those out in need... Best of a all... it's FREEof charge!  .:RuStYbAbE:.= Gave her friend Hot-123 linking teleporters, one flower, 8 iced bars and 5 iced sofas!!                                                                :Think:= :Think: had a giveaway and gave Lil-Tashy heaps of pods [ over ten ] and one hc sofa!! When he had that giveaway, he gave everyone lots of things, that are worth a lot.                                                                  Boodha= Boodah donated 1 digi tv, 1 duckie, 8 lodge bars, 1 lodge corner, 1 orange plasto chair, 2 stools, 1 occasional table, 2 red rollers, 1 iced sofa and 1 square dining table to Christierox.

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* Include who is the "person" you want to submit

* Tell us what they did, or what they give.

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