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                                         Try These Cool Tricks!!

3rd Line Mission: How To Make Your Habbo Have A Third Line Mission.

1) Go to your Habbo's hotel view.

2) Click on 'Update My ID'

3) Delete the mission that you have now.

4) Type in Alt + 0157 [ It will just make a blank space ]

5) Do 3 Spaces.

6) Type Alt + 0157 till the whole bar is filled and you cannot fit anymore.

7) Delete 2 or 3 of the Ald + 0157 and type in your message

8) Make the message short, it can only fit about 1- 10 characters!

 Faster Way To Move Furni:  Are you sick of always having to "Click on the furni, then click on move, then click on where you want to put it" ? Well why not try a more simpler and easier way?

How to : Hold Alt Down while clicking on the furni you want to move.

               Then choose where you want to put it!!

It's as easy as that! Try that in your Habbo Room!!

Different types of commands to choose from :

:chooser= Unfortunately this is only for people who are HC. It shows who is in the room of a Habbo's room.

:furni= This as well is only for HC members. It shows what kind of furni is in the current room.

Shift + Click On Public Rooms = This, everyone can do... so try this! Want to find out who are in a certain public room? Just hold down the Shift Key While Clicking on a Public Room such as ' Welcome Lounge ' and you will see all the people in there!! Excellent use for MTM (Meet The Managers )!!




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